A Step by Step web optimization Guide for beginners to Boost Blogger Traffic


Doing your blogger SEO is the most important process you have to do to rank your weblog in search engines. Hello everybody. My identify is Faizan Ali, and in today’s article, I’m going to show you tips on how to do Blogger search engine optimization Settings to rank larger in search engines like google like Google Bing and Yahoo!

After creating your blog, you must do its search engine optimization. If you don’t know the means to create a blog at no cost, you want to learn my earlier submit on starting a weblog at no cost and making money from it.
Table of contents:

  • Blog Title.
  • Enable Meta Description.
  • Errors and Redirects.
  • Add your website to google search console/ webmasters tools.
  • Enable Robots.txt.
  • Custom Robots Tags.
  • Add Custom Meta Tags in HTML.
  • Use Main key phrases in Post Title.
  • Images Alt text.
  • Image Optimization.
  • Use the Main key phrase within the first paragraph.
  • Use Labels.
  • Create Backlinks.
  • Share on Social Media.
  • Blog Loading pace.
  • These are the information which may be completely focused on blogspot.com. But in case you are a WordPress consumer, these tips might help you as a end result of some suggestions embrace writing content, finding keywords, and about meta description, writing search engine optimization optimized blog posts, which can help you in your WordPress blogs additionally, so let’s get began.

    1. Blog Title:

    The blog title is your blog’s identify, and it should be related to your niche or website. There are many examples of websites that were the identify of a preferred keyword, and so they get ranked quickly. Examples of most of these sites are foodpanda and zameen.com. Many websites do related work.In short, Include your main key phrase within the title of your blog.

    2. Enable Meta Description:

    if you are a Blogspot person, you just need to go to the settings and allow your meta description option as a result of the meta description is the area where you have to put your main key phrases for which you wish to rank your web site. For instance, right here is my blog’s screenshot below, and there you possibly can see my meta description where I have used all of the keywords for which I wish to rank my blog.

    So, here is the best way to search out keywords based on your blog’s niche.

    How to Find Keywords in your Blog?

    To discover the key phrases in your meta description. Go to google.com and search the main key phrase of your weblog and search for the search-related queries on the bottom of the page. Add keywords in your meta description for which you are interested in writing your articles or assume they’re related to your blog.

    What to write down in my blog?

    This is the question which many people asked me before. So, my answer is, you should write every thing about your blog’s Niche.

    You ought to schedule your future weblog publish for next month by looking out on Google the questions about your blog’s Niche, and you’ll get hundreds and thousands of results. If that is, this isn’t sufficient for you. 

    You can also go to Quora.com, where the folks ask many of the questions about your Niche, and so they need solutions. So you must write their answers as your blog post and share them with the URL of your article, and it’ll additionally increase your backlinks from Quora and assist you to get ranked on the topmost results.So, now you have realized how to find the keywords associated to your weblog. I will write a proper weblog post on key phrase analysis the place I will talk about every and every little thing you want in finding key phrases.

    Let’s jump to the subsequent tip.

    Is Blogger Good For Seo?

    Yes, why not? Blogger is a product of google. You don’t want to acquire any technical abilities to start from blogspot.com as a end result of it is instead like filling up your info and blogging.  

    You don’t want to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or PHP to add new options to it or don’t have to install or uninstall plugins. This is probably the most simple platform for running a blog, and the fact is that many famous bloggers began from Blogspot.By the way I’m additionally using blogger❤.How does a blogger do SEO?

    Blogger does SEO by doing proper key phrase analysis, writing web optimization optimized articles. They optimize their photographs, create backlinks, and sharing on social media websites. This weblog publish is all about this subject; after reading this text, it is possible for you to to do web optimization of your weblog by yourself.

    Some individuals ask me how bloggers rank on google,  how lengthy does it takes to rank on google, and does google nonetheless help bloggers?

    My reply is there are lots of people who are working on blogger and incomes from it. They do web optimization. As I will train you on this post, there might be nothing like rocket science. In 2018 google did some blogger updates and eliminated some plugins from it, and other people come to suppose that Google will shut blogger quickly, however it’s not the fact. It was just to replace blogspot.com.

    There are loads of people who say that they don’t even see a blogger website in top outcomes. Do they learn about new blogger custom templates? Now, there are custom templates out there that can seem like a proper WordPress site. So, in brief, bloggers nonetheless alive and shall be.

    2. Errors and Redirects

    Errors and redirects don’t influence search engine optimization. I included this within the list as a end result of the guests who click on in your blog’s link and discover a 404 Redirection Error on your internet web page will destroy your site’s viewers retention and bounce fee. Every time you delete any of your articles, ensure to add custom redirects on these URLs.
    To add 404 Errors or custom redirects, you simply should go to the settings, and the second part is 404 Error redirection. From here, you’ll redirect that not discovered URL to another publish.

    3. Add your website to webmasters instruments:

    After you’ve carried out these basic settings, you should add your website to webmaster instruments like google webmaster, bing webmaster, and yahoo webmaster instruments.
    You need to add your website in google site owners instruments to let Google bots index your web site quicker. If you need to index your website in search engines and need it to look in search results, you must add it to the webmaster.
    It is so easy to add your web site to the webmaster’s instruments. Here is how to do it.

    Google Webmasters Tools:

    To add your blog in google webmasters tools, you must click on on the hyperlink beneath and comply with the directions.Google Webmasters Tools.

    1. Click on Add a new website, and a pop window will appear like this. 

    Blogger seo settings webmaster tools settings

    You just need to put your site’s URL there and click on proceed. As I am utilizing a particular URL, I added it in the URL prefix tab, however if you’d like your full blog to be indexed, you should add it in the Domain tab.
    2. After clicking on continue, you have to confirm that it’s your weblog. In a blog spot, it’s too much simple to do. Just copy the HTML tag, which is the second verification option, as within the picture below,w and paste it inside the head tag of your blog. 

    webmaster, tools, verification, blogger seo

    To add it to the top tag, you have to go to blogspot.com and click on on on the sidebar theme. Then seek for edit as HTML button and click on it. In the top, paste that code after discovering the top tag the same as in the image.

    add webmaster code into html code for blogger seo

    3. After you may have submitted your weblog to google’s webmaster’s instruments, make sure to submit its sitemap. You can find your blog’s sitemap by including atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 like my blog’s web site map URL is Sitemap.

    submit sitemap to google webmasters tools

    Excellent work, you have just accomplished the essential issues that are obligatory for SEO.

    In this manner, you have to add your blog to yahoo, bing, and Alexa search engines. 

    4. Enable Robots.txt

    After including your weblog to the webmaster’s tools, the subsequent thing you have to do is to cease google, bing, yahoo, or any search engine bot from crawling unrelated content material. 
    So, here is the instance of robots.txt

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /tag
    Disallow: /label
    Disallow: /search
    Allow: /
    Sitemap: https://blog.knucklecare.com//atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

    Let me explain to you these lines 1 by 1.

    Disallow: /tag Disallow: /label 

    These two tags will not allow any search engine to index my pages with tags. As you understand that Google doesn’t like duplicate content in your blog. So, this is for blocking the bots from indexing duplicate pages.

    Disallow: /search

    This tag won’t permit google bot to index my search pages as if someone searches running a blog on my weblog, it will generate a URL  like https://blog.knucklecare.com/?s=blogging, so it’s going to index more duplicate pages that’s why I am blocking them to index.

    Allow: /Sitemap: https://blog.knucklecare.com//atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

    These are the last two strains. These two traces are permitting google bots to index my blog’s sitemap. The sitemap is a page where bots can find the URLs of each and every little thing of your weblog.

    5.  Custom Robots Tags

    My job is to assist newbies in order that they’ll earn from running a blog. That’s why I am explaining every and everything. Custom robotic tags are almost like robots.txt, but they’ve some extra functionalities. In robots.txt, we now have blocked robots from indexing duplicate data on our web site. Now it’s time to let google bots know what to index and what not.
    here are my blog’s customized robots tags

    Robots tags for blogger seo

    As you probably can see in the image above, I am allowing all robots to index my homepage however don’t allow them to index the dp of my page. I have enabled the No index choice in tags and archives, which won’t let robots index these pages. In the final, I am permitting custom robots tags for the posts and pages to be indexed however block to index their DP.

    7. Add Custom Meta Tags in HTML

    After you have done almost every little thing now, it needs to add some meta tags in your blog’s HTML code. 
    For this, login to your weblog and click on the theme. Then seek for edit as HTML button and click it. When you click on edit as HTML, the whole code of your blog will seem. Then you just have to paste your meta tags within the head tag.
    head tag means <head>. Search for <head> tag and paste the given code below after adding your blog’s correct description and title.

    <meta content=’Write you blog’s description here’ name=’Description’/>

    <meta content=’Write your major keywords here’ name=’Keywords’>

    </meta>You simply have to write a description in the 1st line and major keywords within the 2nd line after which paste both of the HTML code lines underneath the <head> word[tag].
    Now, I will discuss about the tips that are additionally useful for WordPress, Weebly, or different users.

    8.Use Main key phrases in Post Title

    You should add the main keyword of your blog posts in the title.  I will suggest you to put the principle keyword 1st in your title after which different words. Otherwise, you can add it wherever in the title. It will tell the major search engines on which matter you’ve written that publish.

    9. Images Alt text

    Use this selection, too, as a outcome of, in WordPress, you have to set up plugins to insert images alt tags. This textual content help search engines like google to search out out on which keyword your picture should be ranked. This is the alternative title of the photographs. If your picture just isn’t loaded, then this article will seem beside your picture, and including main key phrases within the picture alt tags is a good follow of SEO.

    Warning: Don’t put just primary keyword in all photographs.

    10. Image Optimization

    It’s onerous to rank on google first page outcomes on bloggers than WordPress. So, you must do every and everything which might admire search engines like google and yahoo. Image optimization implies that you want to be certain that the image size is fast loadable. For this, you should convert your pictures into jpeg files after which convert them into web recordsdata from Webp File converter.
    Web picture files are the brand new era image format, and google also promotes these file format images. The benefit of utilizing these pictures is that they will load quicker than other file formats. It will improve your blog’s loading speed.


    11. Use the Main keyword in the first paragraph

    This is the thing I should have talked about earlier than because if you need to do correct blogger SEO, then you need to observe every instruction I am giving to you. I truly have personally analyzed that the search description does not come into search results. Instead of this, your post’s first 150 words will seem as an outline, and google may also contemplate these lines in your rankings.

    I will advocate you to add major key phrase as starting paragraph of your article.

    12. Use Labels

    Labels are identical to categories in your weblog. Many folks say that they add related keywords in labels, however it’s wrong. This is simply a piece the place you’ll have the ability to create a category in your weblog, and Google may also index it. Summing up posts into totally different categories can increase up your blog’s overall SEO. You just should do it naturally.

    Do backlinks nonetheless work?

    Yes, for sure.

    If you want to rank higher in google search results as quickly as potential, you need to get some backlinks from google’s trusted sites. 

    Many individuals begin their blogging profession and acquired backlinks from massive sites however gone incorrect. That’s because they do not know where to speculate.

    If you wish to get backlinks, go on social media like Quora, Facebook, Twitter, and tinder, from the place you might get backlinks quickly. Never try to hyperlink your site with illegal content material sites. It could be dangerous to your rankings.

    Writing visitor posts is also the most important way to get juicy backlinks. For this, you just need to contact a website proprietor whose web site is doing well in google’s search results and ask him that you simply write a submit for him. Meanwhile, you must put virtually 1 link of your website in the post and ship it to the owner. If the owner likes your post, he will definitely offer you that backlink.

    14. Share on Social Media:

    When you consider creating your weblog, please create its social media accounts as a outcome of it impacts SEO a lot. 

    I started running a blog in 2017 when there was low competition for a lot of keywords, and it was straightforward to rank on google. I keep in thoughts that I got 6k views solely from 1 blog submit in 1st week of my running a blog profession. 

    So, what I did to get greater ranked in higher results?

    When I wrote my 1st article, I didn’t even know to write down English. I used to put in writing a sentence in Urdu language after which translate it into English, and it took me virtually 3 hours to write down my 1st article of just about 300 – 400 phrases. I simply added words related to my publish and then shared them on social media websites. 

    For the 1st 3 days, I obtained 200 views per day from Facebook and quora, but google ranked my blog on prime outcomes after this. 

    It indicates that whenever you share your site’s link on social media, folks are inclined to click on it and skim it. It sends optimistic signals to the various search engines that the guests are interested in studying my publish. So, Google will definitely rank it on the primary query and likewise for other queries. 

    15. Blog Loading Speed:

    This is what you want to do whenever you assume that you have written a reasonable quantity of articles. Because many people simply started blogging, and so they bought a premium fast loading theme. This factor only works when you’ve something on your weblog to indicate up in search results. So, in starting a weblog, don’t buy a theme. Just use free themes from Gooyabitemplates.

    But suppose your site owns sufficient articles, and your pages present up within the top ten queries. This is the right time to increase your web page loading speed to take your web site in larger search queries. 

    I am using a free blogger template, and its loading pace is 98%, in accordance with GTMetrix.

    We have worked on my weblog to boost up its loading pace. I really have deleted the unused CSS, java scripts, and crucial factor is that I am utilizing web file format photographs. These photographs are so faster for loading perspectives.

    How are you capable to take away unused CSS and JavaScript?

    This is the factor you can do when you have some coding skills in CSS and javascript. For this, you have to copy the CSS of your weblog and paste it into any of the editors. Open google chrome -> press F12, then click on on three dots -> extra tools and choose the coverage possibility and reload the blog. Then you will note the code within the protection part and choose your blogs CSS URL like mine is in the image;

     You just need to remove the code highlighted with those purple traces in your text editor and then once more paste it from the place you copied the code.

    I am positive that it’s going to increase your blog’s pace, and your blog will show up in the topmost search queries.  


    I assume you may have learned a lot from this publish. I even have seen that many bloggers and YouTubers are simply selling popcorns in the title of advanced SEO methods. These are the things that everybody will tell you to do your blogger search engine optimization for higher rankings. 

    These are what you can do for blogger search engine optimization, but the following tips will solely work if you’re consistent in posting articles often. I counsel you submit nearly 3 articles per week as a outcome of it’s going to increase your belief with search engines. 

    Leave a comment down If you want this post or you need to ask me something. Thanks for studying my article❤☺.

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